MONDIALE 1984 - A traditional, family run business (established 1984) based on a balance of passion, experience and knowledge evolving from the art and craft of car building in a modern world.  

Passion comes with a personal belief and commitment to the car industry and has sat at the forefront of Mondiale 1984’s growth within car manufacturing.  The stoic team behind the brand have savored every aspect of motor vehicles with a live and breathe attitude that withstands the test of time.  Without these key passionate elements, Mondiale 1984 would not exist to the present day.   

Augers designed by Mondiale

The Mondiale 1984’s team of experienced engineers and drivers understand the extent to which motor car racing impacts their individual lives.  For every single employee, this is not a job role, it is a lifestyle.  One that incorporates world wide travel to participate in and spectate a sport like no other; a dedication to a brand that sits within an exhilarating industry with the vision of winning and the ultimate mission of being the best.  

Team spirit is fundamental and every individual plays their role in setting a standard above and beyond their competitors.  The rewards were plentiful.



In 1984 Mondiale laboured to build a racing car.  One that was created with passion but incorporated innovation and design but ultimately driven by an acute sense of business acumen.  The cog of it’s figurative wheel was complete when a young Eddie Irvine, a local Northern Irish lad with humble beginnings, had his heart set on a career in motor racing and was full of promise to ultimately become part of the Ferrari Formula 1 Team.  When the two merged, success happened and in 1984 Eddie powered to win a blaze of races culminating in a win at Brand’s Hatch in our MONDIALE 1600. 



From inception to completion, each Mondiale car was manufactured in one single factory in Ireland.  It is our honest belief that the key to our success has been in the commitment of using and supporting local suppliers and trades within the community of Bangor, Co. Down.  To this day, you will see individuals passing down their traditional trades, through generations, to create a workforce unlike any other.  Success was evident in supplying our neighboring United Kingdom through to exporting Mondiale cars to the East and West Coast of America.  

With this timely endeavor of reaching the shores of USA, our extensive knowledge of all aspects of car building was recognised and in 1986 warranted a specialist contract with Skip Barber and his racing schools.  To supply precision chassis welding for Skip’s cars and later to supply thirty of our own Mondiale cars was a partnership and achievement we pride ourselves on. 

It is without doubt that the relationship between both companies was unified by the passion of racing and culminated in Jonathan McGall (Skip Barber Company Director) driving professionally and winning at Brands Hatch, Silverstone and Nuremberg, for which we all played a exemplary role.  

With success came growth and diversification into the supply of spare parts alongside precision welding with Dawson Wam driving demand to support their civil engineering works.  With contracts for on-site, in house and external purchase there was a renewed focus on the development and innovation for the future of Mondiale. 


We pride our team on the success of Mondiale.  Having withstood the test of time in an ever evolving and globally competitive industry, our vision has always been to support the future of our employees.  

Today, Mondiale’s factory produces and hires steel mats for construction deployment, supporting heavy machinery, creating temporary bridges, solid augers, CAD concepts, engineering solutions, specialised welding projects and more recently steel furniture.  

Our portfolio is adept at providing a support structure to your needs.  With our expertise and knowledge of the car and welding industry we strive for a superior service that delivers within timescales, sits within budget and merges personalised service with traditional values.  

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