Everything we are connected to requires structure and strength and it its base level its all about functionality. The Steel Garden uses our base in structure and functionality and creates beautiful structures to enhance your home or business.

Mondiale 1984 Manufacturing & Design


So much of our business is related to changing our environment to fit buildings, construction and human needs into cities and countrysides seamlessly so its important to us that we are creating long lasting structures with the least impact on our environment as possible.


Our design team uses 3D modelling software Autodesk Inventor, AutoCAD and other specialist programmes to design and manufacture all of our products. Augers, cutting heads and steel mats are fabricated in-house by our highly experienced team of welders, from fully traceable materials.

We can offer both bespoke design services and existing solutions for all your outdoor needs. Recycling key materials utilised in our production process we can deliver to your requirements.

The Steel Garden Design

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