Mondiale 1984 manufacture heavy-duty steel access mats which are used in the construction industry to bridge gaps and services, used as temporary working platforms or to spread the load of heavy machinery such as piling rigs. These mats can be made in a size that best suits your requirements, up to 14.0 metres long.


Steelmat Hire Dawson WAM Manufactured by Mondiale 1984

Steel Crane Mat Manufacture




In addition to steel access mats, Mondiale 1984 also have the capacity to fabricate temporary bridges up to 14.0 metres in length. These bridges are often used on construction sites to allow heavy cranes and other machinery to pass over watercourses, unstable ground or as over-bridging for permanent but weaker bridges. Our standard system can be moved into place in as few as three lifts and secured with simple connections.

14.0m bridge render by Mondiale

14.0m temporary bridge manufactured by Mondiale 1984